If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Monday, May 7, 2012

my mom

today is always a tough day for me.
read more about why here.

my mom was not perfect,
and our relationship wasn't either.

but my mom was beautiful-
glamorous and sophisticated-
and I borrowed her clothes, even in middle school. 
I still wear clothes of hers,
and without fail, they always garner compliments.

my mom was fun-
singing and dancing while we cleaned 
or decorated the house for Christmas,
she brought black and white cookies when she picked 
my friends and I up from school
and sang in operatic voice to the Beatles on the radio.

my mom was kind-
I remember coming home distraught in first or second grade,
when everyone had picked a best friend in class
and marked each other with a colored marker,
and noone picked me.
my mom got the magic markers immediately, 
let me pick the color
and marked me on the spot. 

my mom was polite-
it sounds stuffy, but it's not.
my mom taught me that good manners exist to make people feel 
cared about, thought about.
that thank you notes are important,
that honoring commitments says something about your integrity.

my mom knew and loved and trusted Jesus-
I'm so grateful I got to see that.
I'm so grateful I can be confident in that.
I so wish we could talk about it now.

i miss her, and today's a tough day.


  1. such lovely memories of a beautiful woman. thank you for sharing, your courage and love for the lord despite this pain was an incredible encouragement to my heart today. thank you so much for sharing. praying for you today:)

  2. Such a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing. Thinking and praying for you today!

  3. I miss her so much. And I see her in you so often.

  4. Mary this is so beautiful. I think of your mom often as well. The other day something happened and it so reminded me of her, it brought a tear to my eye because I miss her too. Wish I could have known her longer. I still listen to her singing and marvel at the voice she had from The Night on Broadway (and this night she was singing without part of her lung). She had an AMAZING voice. The verse that reminds me of your mom from this is 2Ti4:6.


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