If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

this is the face

that I get from Greg
when he's "in the zone"
and I interrupt him to tell him about something,
usually life changing,
about how my coffee tastes or something.

Regardless of that face,
Greg and I had a lovely little date on Sunday after church.
We did homework (me) and drew some buildings (Greg)
at one very tiny Starbucks table. 
[where we had to share a plug for our two computers...it was a feat.]

Driving back home afterwards,
I totally messed up the directions.
[I usually drive it in about an hour and a half, and it took me three to get home.]
I missed an appointment with a friend,
Abby- whose car I borrowed- had to wait up for me,
and Greg had to talk me through driving back to Philly from...
[yes...I had gone that far.]

I just want to say thank you and publicly demonstrate my gratefulness
for people who love me enough to deal with my inability to understand directions,
no matter how simple they seem. 
People like these demonstrate the grace of God to me all the time.

Feeling so lucky.


  1. I love that. I'm always making life changing comments like that to my husband when he's trying to write a paper. Can't wait for our Saturday Sbux date!

  2. I shall buy you a Navigation for your wedding. bro in law Dave


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