If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I don't know what it is...

not sure what it is about today,
but nothing looks better to me than my bed.


reading research on neurotheology

[if i ever get out of bed]

making dinner with a long lost friend

bible study tonight

the word of God is living and active.
sharper than any double edged sword,
it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit,
joints and marrow,
it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12


  1. I feel you. I just wanted to spend all day in bed. Alas, I had to go to work. Sounds like a good day lined up, though. Enjoy it and then enjoy getting back into bed. :)

  2. i love this! i need to join a bible study. . . :)


  3. sometimes days just happen... when bed is the the plaaace to be.

  4. beds are the best. I can't blame you for showing it some extra love today :)


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