If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

well good morning!

I slept through my alarm.
[like three times]

I've been fooling around with editing recently,
and I like these, so I thought I'd share. 

mostly because I did next to no packing yesterday,
the pressure's on to pack.

I'm going to throw on some Pandora,
make myself some hot chocolate
[I've gotta get rid of it before we move out!]
and get going. 
[I think I have about 19 uhauls worth of stuff.]
[also- Greg drives a sudan.]

There may or may not be some clothing exchanges going on
between Alyssa and I,
but at some point there will definitely be a coffee break.
[thank goodness]

But before all that-
I'm grabbing my Bible. 
Today is way too crazy to start without it. 
[without Him]



  1. Moving can be intense! I love the grain you put on some of those photos. Sepia tones are a favorite of mine.

  2. good luck packing! lovely photos. xo

  3. I drive a sudan!

    Love you dear.

  4. i absolutely loved the end of this post. it made me smile!

  5. I needed some packing motivation too. Only all I need to do is pack the hospital bag for having this baby :)

  6. These photos are awesome! the second one is insanely amazing!!
    good luck with the move! x

  7. I like the simplicity of the paintings :) And you blog is really nice, i love reading it.

  8. These pictures are very beautiful...I think you did a great job editing :)

  9. go dominate that packing! You can do it! All of my days MUST start with God and some coffee. The perfect combo, if you ask me :)


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