If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the truth

I'm stressed out.

I've gotten lots done, but now is definitely crunch time.
25 pages before Grace gets here Thursday night,
tons of resident life stuff to do
[we have an awesome event on Friday, passing of the torch Wednesday, etc],
and final exams coming up this next week. 

But you know what's nice?

1. sunshine streaming in my window
[in a clean, clean apartment]

2. outfits that make you feel like a rock star/50's housewife
[it's ok to be scared of that face...I swear I'm not eating my hair]

3. friends who bring you mangos/offer you vegetables right out of their fridge
[i'm lookin at you Anna and Lil]

4. Nail painting parties to relax for an hour 
especially when it's with a friend who just got engaged,
and i love her, and her fiancĂ©e.
[and i'm pretty proud of my self done french manicure]

Grace will be here before I know it,
and we will sing loudly,
and be ridiculous,
and it will be great.

So here I come, 25 pages. 



  1. ah good luck on your finals! It's a stressful time :/

  2. ahhhh...good luck girlie...I just got finished with mine and I seriously thought they would NEVER end. Thank goodiness they did. And I'm still alive. Whew!

  3. Good luck on your finals! I share the feeling! did you know your outfit is amazing? Looks so good on you. :) Should we follow eachother?


  4. Wow, that's an absolutely fantastic dress! Good luck on those finals -- I remember those days and they can be rough! But you'll get through it and the relief when it's over is awesome!

  5. love that outfit Mary..hang in there..soon you will be finished for the summer! Glad you can fit in some things to de stress too....


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