If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 26, 2011

there is no

big news here,
no pregnancy news or impending marriage.
there is no high powered job,
no office ready outfits everyday.
no tiny babies with their cute faces 
or even very many good pictures lately. 
I get ready for work by throwing on a pair of long spandex
and a big t shirt
throwing my hair up on top of my head
and mentally preparing myself for the amount of chalk that will soon be all over me.

but, big news, cute babies, nice outfits or not...

I get to see girls I love at work everyday.
Greg and I are finally within an hour of each other. 
I have a bed that's big enough to roll over in.
A kitchen that works
and groceries to cook with. 
I watched two episodes of glee this morning with a girl I love,
Ate a gigantic breakfast at the dinner with my Dad,
and sat on the porch to read my bible in the sun. 

so big news or not, 
I'm a happy girl. 



  1. lol.. glad you are happy
    it been a gloomy weather in London
    but we will survive it

  2. ohhh how perfect does that sound. i so want a porch and to eat a gigantic breakfast even though its dinner time hah x

  3. Im loving your red glasses look with your perfect day :)

  4. well being happy is newsworthy to me! :) sometimes that's all the news we've got!

  5. you definitely look happy. i love the way those glasses look on you. happy for ya!

  6. awww such good news! that sounds so happy.

  7. SHUT UP. This is the cutest and most truthful post I've seen in, well, ever.
    Then you had to go and throw those red glasses in the mix.
    Get on out of here!

  8. Aww this was such a good post! Love it!

    xx, Brittni
    With Love From Michigan

  9. awww sounds like an awesome day. Have a happy day and a happy weekend!

  10. i love this. you are adorable. contentment is so important. i'm realizing that more and more! i'm glad you are able to enjoy time with God, so key! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  11. that is good news!! and big news!! everyday we get to wake up! which is a miracle in itself. :) God is amazing isn't he? thank you for your beautiful post and the reminder that God is in the little things just as he is in the big things.x


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