If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 12, 2011

happy, happy, happy

Ok...so, awesome things:

1. roommate Alyssa brought me a frap yesterday right after
[drumroll please]
I finished 25 pages. Yes, it really happened. 
In one day.
[that's where that crazy person smile comes from]

2. these mugs Greg and I made at color me mine
and how Indian Princess my mug is
[he knows me]

3. that drawing on the side of his mug is supposed to be a building plan
[ya know, because he does that]
but it really looks like a robot on a wheel.
Which is almost as cool, I guess.

4. Grace comes in a few hours! 
I have one paper to write this afternoon,
[no biggie after yesterday]
and then she'll be here for dinner!

long talks with professors you respect,
hugs in the hallway from girls i love,
a clean apartment,
the smell of sunscreen,
bible commentaries that actually make things so much clearer,
and a new cookbook from a lovely friend.

life is good.



  1. the mugs turned out so nice!!! Love you and i'll see you soon!!!!!!

  2. there is a color me mine type place a few blocks from us. it is always full of kids, and then myself. haha.

  3. nicely done on the paper! frap sounds ah-mazing.

  4. Yay for kind roommates! And I love your mugs! You did a great job :-D

  5. Hey you! Yes, you. The one with the delicious frappecino.
    Gosh, I hope I spelled that right.
    Email me back? Heck, what's twenty-SIX pages of typing in a day.
    :) :) :) :)
    <3 <3 leigh

  6. 25 pages!! :O

    you look awesomely happy :) i love cookbooks too... but they gotta have pictures in them!! much love xx

  7. 25 pages!? wow. congratulations!

  8. wow! that is definitely worth celebrating! :D
    i was just wondering..what Bible commentaries do you use?

    :) Megan


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