If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

speaking of

young talent...
go here.

lovely prints...
from here.

photographers I'd like to meet...

here: Ann He

places I'd like to stop in and have coffee...
[or become obsessed and go everyday]

coolest mexican chain ever found here.

site I go to regularly for outfits/ cute drawings...

go here.

incredible animal portraiture...

go here.
[those eyes make me feel like this creature wants to be friends...play date anyone?]

rain, rain, rain...

come here. 

Since it's so dreary outside today, 
I'll be reading Johne Donne,
[and Henry James for fun]
registering for Fall classes,
and drinking hot chocolate

Hope your Tuesday is cozy as well!



  1. the picture with the flower crown is so lovely! :)
    happy tuesday!

  2. oh so inspirational! that animal portrait is gorgeous, and that coffee shop! i swear, it's a good thing they probably don't have one in north carolina. i would spend a fortune!

  3. Oh a coffee shop and good book sound so nice right now! beaytiful photos.

  4. That coffe shops with the triangled carpet is amazing. As is the entire coffee shop and the decor. We need to get some of those over where I live :)

  5. Harrisburg is just as rainy and dreary...come on sun!! Love those pictures, especially that adorable print! Nice find!

  6. oh so sweet! you have eye candy here. i dearly loved Marla's painting and the view from your window. it's raining here too, but my office window is ceiling high, stealing my outside view. makes me want to drink hot chocolate... have a nice day!

  7. that lion [is it a lion?] portrait is incred! gosh, a good photographer can really suck me in. pretty print, and a good coffee shop always sounds fabulous!!


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