If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Sunday, April 17, 2011

oh man.

what a day. 

wild woman hair-
super windy at the soccer tournament today.

looking a little pink-
despite our hoodies and sweatpants, the sun definitely kissed our faces.

i'm a little afraid ya'll might think all i do is drink iced coffee-
that would be nice.
today's flavor: decaf raspberry with milk and suga
[it's a winner]

today feels like a day for these beauties. 
this summer i'll probably bug my sister to do a bunch of them for me.
[my attention span is not long enough to attempt these]

I needed a dance party alone in my room today after we got home
[from our depressing long soccer day]
so here's the (beginning of the) playlist friends-

Sam Adams- Drivin me Crazy
Pitbull- Fuego
David Guetta- ...all of it
Kevin Rudoph- Let It Rock

...and the dance party has just begun.



  1. Cuuuute. I didn't know you play soccer! At college? Maybe I need to go back and read your about you. I could be WAY off. ;)
    <3 leigh

  2. love those pictures! and those bracelets...definitely feel like making some now ;)

  3. lovely bracelets. and i totally love your wild hair :)


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