If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how I feel about

1. seeing people make out hardcore in the hall. Seriously guys?
2. my sister's plans to visit in May!
3. the amount on my To-do list
4. a note I got from an anonymous friend today. Unbelievably encouraging. 
4b. my reading list- for school and for fun: 

this quote from Portrait of  Lady by Henry James:

She had an immense curiosity about life and was constantly staring and wondering. 
She carried within herself a great fund of life, 
and her deepest enjoyment was to feel the continuity
 between the movements of her own soul and the agitations of the world.

In other news, I wish I could gift Greg all of these items. 
[Including that absolutely psycho-beautiful place to live.]

Just so...him. 

And this is just nice to look at....

This, from J.Crew Spring 2011 is pretty much perfect for these lovely spring days.
[when you still need a sweater...and those awesome boots.]

This seems like the greatest print for an Easter dress/summer time beach bag/towel of all time.

And these delicious cookies were created for Christmas.
But tell me those beauties wouldn't be perfect for a bridal shower, brunch, or Easter dinner?

Some friends were telling me how, on nice days like this,
they used to climb out the window of their dorm room to the grass below
and take their computers with them to do work in the nice weather. 
I was thinking about doing it...

but then I realized climbing out my window would land me in a mud puddle or on concrete. 
Oh well, just a thought. 



  1. ha! i love the opening photo sequence! so many emotions:) and gross about hallway PDA:( loving that Henry James quote...sigh.

  2. Ooooh, I used to climb out the window at my parents' house all the time. If I climbed out the window & would land on concrete too -- and it's POURING outside. I love what you did with the photos & captions -- delightful! :) :)
    <3 leigh

  3. have i told you that your comments on my blog are seriously my favorites? you always make me laugh. and serious PDA makes me gag.

  4. Climbing out of a window=scary. But I get scared easily. Hahahaha! Love the photos at the top!

  5. ok totally cute blog, loving your faces!


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