If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Thursday, April 7, 2011

dreaming, dreaming

I dwell in possibility-
A fairer house than Prose-
More numerous of windows-
Superior- for doors-

Of Chambers as the Cedars-
Impregnable of eye-
And for an Everlasting Roof
The gambrels of the sky-

Of visitors-the fairest-
For occupation- this-
the spreading wide my narrow hands
to gather Paradise-

Emily Dickinson

This would be the perfect place to sit and read. 
[and possibly finish a 17th century lit paper? maybe?]

It's been frustrating lately, not being in the same place 
[geography wise]
as Greg. 
But looking for pictures, 
I stumbled upon these 
and remembered the times when I took these 
so that he could remember my face
when Greg and I were apart for months at a time. 

Being apart for weeks stinks,
but I'm grateful for the amount of time I do get to spend with him now. 

[and yes, that is our French sock monkey. His name is Jacques.]

off to read [what else is new?], write [God willing],
and drink some tea. 



  1. great photos, and I understand... long distance relationships can be difficult. lovely blog
    Forever Chic,

  2. love the poem along with the pictures. and always always love seeing your updates

  3. i would love to curl up in that little reading nook!

  4. loving those self photos! Hang in there, long distance is a BUMMER but it will be that much better when you see him!! Also, I want so badly to climb into that little nook and read.

  5. long distance stinks. here's hoping you guys get to be in the same place soon :)

  6. Such a lovely poem! :)
    <3 leigh

  7. i want a cozy reading nook like that! and you are so cute. hopefully your weeks apart will fly by! i know that's not easy.


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