If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what a week!

I have the biggest to do list ever right now, and so...
I am writing this as an exercise in seeing the positive. 
It's almost embarrassing how negative I get sometimes. 
Every once in a while when I'm ranting on the phone (how lovely), Greg tells me I need to tell him about at least one positive thing going on right that second. 
Which is very helpful. 

So here I go, because this week is crazy and I tend to get extremely dramalicious a little drama queen like.

It's wonderful that whenever I go on long, lovely walks with a roommate or two, I find new things to take pictures of. 
It's also wonderful that it's warm enough to walk and not have your toes, nose, or other appendages fall off. 
A double positive!

{{This one's my favorite- I had to sneak up to someone's front porch to get it. I think it's worth being a creeper.}}

Also, nice that I have roommates that I want to go on walks with. 

{{Alyssa's coolness really shines through in this picture.}}

The University Social Committee made the announcement during Chapel today about formal. 

oh i'm sorry... did I scream your ears off? I guess I'm just excited.

Hopefully I'll find something like this:

or this!

and I'm having the whole apartment building over for dinner... tomorrow.
Although that is on the list of things that are stressing me out, my lovely friend Jes offered to come help me cook, clean and decorate. 
Which means I get to 
1. cook, clean, decorate- yay!
2. spend time with Jes- even better!

Life is good, God is good. 

Ok...deep breaths... I'm going to go work on the to do list of the century. 



  1. Great pictures! And those dresses are FAB! x

    Bows and Pearls

  2. Love the pictures where there is a touch of yellow. going on walks and discovering nature is so fun and peaceful

    Write it in lipstick

  3. loving the second & third picture. you, miss have talent.


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