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- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Family Affair

This past weekend, our friends Matt and Megan got married in our home church, and it reminded me of a lot of things. 

{{First kiss as man and wife.}}

It was good to see friends tie the knot. 
It was good to be reminded that marriage is HUGE
[like... a way bigger deal than I usually think]
It was awesome to see the space Greg designed and built used for such a big event. 

But the best part was how much the wedding felt like family. 

So many of the people in attendance gave gifts of service for the couple. 

Greg took pictures, Rob made delicious food, Isis & Co. did a great job with the planning and decor. 

Erin made this beautiful, beautiful cake. 

Crazy! I saw her make those roses!!

It was really beautiful to not just rejoice in Matt and Megan joining each other's families and starting their own, but also to celebrate the church family.  

We have flaws, strange people, shy people, loud people, a large measure of dysfunction, and, as was evident this past Sunday, a great love for one another and for the Lord. 

The wedding was funny and fun, serious and celebratory. 

Such a nice reason to come home. 

Jess and I at the Ceremony. Beautiful girl! [and college bound!]

Super handsome photographer and I at the reception. What a cutie. 

Well, I hope that your day after Valentine's isn't a let down and that you're still enjoying flowers, chocolate, and L.O.V.E. 



  1. You made me cry :-( That was so special. You are wonderfully made my friend! Ana Jones

  2. Weddings are my favorite! Beautiful!


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